Menyu was born and raised in the South Bronx surrounded by the rise of the Hip Hop Movement.  An avid lover of DJing, Beatboxing, Graffiti and Spoken Word Poetry, he is a well-rounded performer, artist and poet in his own right.  Moved by all kinds of music, he learned how to DJ at the age of ten.  He officially started DJing with House music, but HIP HOP has always been in his blood. 

Menyu has DJed at many locations in New York City, including Webster Hall (opening up for Mista Sinista of The X-ecutioners), Santos Party House, L(e) Poisson Rouge (for The Beatbox House), Carroll Place, Public House, and many others. ​  He also DJed for the Eastcoast Beatbox Battle (2014) and the American Beatbox Championship (2014, 2015),, the Battle of the Firth Element at YouTube Studios (2015),and he recently DJed alongside drummer extraordinaire Anthony Anderson for the nationwide Jack Daniels Neighborhood event.  (He has even made celebrities like Queen Latifah, Vanessa Lachey, and Adrienne Bailon dance all night during some of his parties! )  Presently, he is the resident DJ at Charlies Bar + Kitchen, Mott Haven Bar, The Bronx Brewery,, and the West Side Tennis Club. 

Menyu is also a member of the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association).

​Inspired by positive influences such as his brother (90s rapper Mysterme) he has produced electro, hip-hop and dance tracks for various artists such as Kween Ka$h, Sara Kana, Khalil Johnson,, Rio Azul, Dizzy Senze,  and the electro-rock band Fear Called Living  (Menyu played the keyboard for the band).  The band released their debut album "Other Days" on May 22nd, 2007 along with two EPs and several album remixes.  The music can be found on


​​Beatboxing has always been Menyu's other specialty.  From making beats to drown out garbage trucks, screaming babies and other loud noises, to battling people for money, he has grown to accept beatboxing as his third language.  Through the tutelage of acclaimed beatboxer Kid Lucky, Menyu has performed alongside accomplished artists such as Rabbi Darkside, JFlo, Amit, Grey Matter, Beats Myth and Michael Winslow at venues such as the Brooklyn Arts Museum, LaMama Performing Arts Theater and Madison Square Garden.


Menyu's strong appreciation for poetry is evident in his two books "Paper Cuts and Band Aids" (sold on ) and "Memoirs of My Madness" (sold on; they both are poetic potpourris of his experiences, struggles, successes and observations.  His inspiration comes from his past relationships, his family, and the Spoken Word Poetry Club (SWPC) which he started over a decade ago at Cardinal Spellman High School.  


In addition, Menyu's mixes (almost 100 of them are found online) have been enjoyed by listeners worldwide.

Menyu was also the lead vocalist for the alternative rock band THE DURING.  The band performed numerous shows and opened up for the band SPONGE.  THE DURING has four singes"Itty Bitty Pieces" (found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud and Bandcamp). 

Menyu's latest project is his experimental/electronica creation known as DALÍ MOON.  The debut album is now available on all music platforms.